Friday, March 23, 2007

For a Friend

My friend Trish was recently diagnosed with a rare degenerative nerve disorder called Acquired Subacute Demyelenating Neuropathy. It is similar to Multiple Sclerosis. They don't know why, but the part of the nerve connection that keeps the signals moving is degenerating, causing the signals in her peripheral nervous system to misfire, resulting in pain, weakness, and lack of coordination. As part of this disorder her bones are weak and she has broken her arm, leg, back, and neck. Consequently she has been unable to continue her successful career as an aesthetician.

In order to help with mounting medical and other bills, for the months of April and May, all Mmm...Fiber! proceeds from sales of Bulky Wool and Acrylic Scarflettes and Cotton Skinny Scarves will be donated to a fund for Trish.

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