Thursday, September 13, 2007

*insert something clever about the Big Crocheted Apple*

In my most nerve-wracking spur-of-the-moment decision yet - Mmm...Fiber! will be traveling to New York City at the end of October for the Portland Etsy Street Team Trunk Show at EtsyLabs.

I need to get my butt in gear and crank out some extra-cool items to bring so I don't look like a total hick. NERVES! AHHH! You can check out details and see who else will be there at PDX


tangelled angel said...

Hello there Etsy seller neighbour! I love your shop, you have some lovely things in it!!
btw,you have your blog settings set so that you have to have a blogger a/c to post here. I havent used my blogger blog for ages but its the only way to post a comment. Just in case you hadn't realised!

Adrienne said...

ahhhh! fixed! Thank you

devinemom said...

a bit envious of you trip to NYC. it sounds like a lot of fun, best of luck.